Announcing the biggest sporting event to hit Utah since the Jazz got blown out by the Trailblazers. . .

The 1999 International Rollerski Series
Otherwise known as the

You thought the race season went on hiatus during the summer? Well, think again. People in the know were just using the winter races to prepare for this prestigious series. The I.R.S. is the premier rollerski event in North America. It attracts skiers from Maine to Norway (or is that Norway, Maine?) to compete for the coveted overall title.

Other sponsors include: UDOT, Timex watches, Chicken of the Sea tunafish, Jar Jar Binks, tartar sauce, Orrin Hatch's presidential campaign fund, Coors Light, the IOC, FIS, IRS, CIA, KGB, and REM, Dave Chamberlain Honorary Chipwiches, and TNN's RollerJam.

REGISTRATION: No registration required. You show up, you race. Its that easy. It is a good idea to contact me, or anyone at Nordic Equipment, before the race to confirm time, place, race technique, and other details. We recommend showing up at least 15 minutes early to warm up, get familiar with the course, and size up the competition. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join us. Some of the top racers who are expected to show are: Scott Loomis, Mika Myllyla, Frode and Rune Kollerude, Dave Chamberlain, Eric Maas, and Bente Martinsen. Come on out and see how you measure up!

Friday, July 2 8:00 AM-
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Saturday, July 17 8:00 AM- 7K Freestyle.
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Saturday, July 31 8:00 AM- 3K Classic.
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Saturday, August 29 8:00 AM- 3K Classic, 1.5K Freestyle pursuit.
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Friday, September 24 9:00 AM- 10K Classic
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AWARDS & POINTS SYSTEM: There are awards for the top three male and female racers in the overall series. We might even have prizes for individual race winners as well. The overall series points will be determined using a Continental Cup scoring system. A person's best three (3) out of (5) races will be counted. The Continental Cup points go as follows:
Place 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ...20
Points 30 25 21 18 16 15 14 13 12 11 ...1

Final standing now available!!