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As many of you know, the World Cup came to Soldier Hollow this past week, January 10-14. It was an amazing spectacle to see on our home soil. Skiers such as Muehlegg, Hoffman, Botwinov, Belmondo, and Smigun were all there, skiing on our home course. Many of the big names did not show up in order to stay home and prepare for national championships and World Championships, but that did not take away from the World Cup feel or the fierce competition.

The US Team
There was much confusion over who qualified to race and how many people the US could start. The team was selected according to the Nor/Am Continental Cup standings, which are at the links below. I apologize for only having the men's points here. Because of my own interests, these are the only points I have calculated. (the number in red, white and blue to the right of each person's name is that person's rank among US skiers). Initially I did not make the team, but I was the first alternate. Due to a couple of skiers deciding not to race, I squeaked in and was able to race in all three races!

Overall Nor/Am Continental Cup Points

Nor/Am Continental Cup Points (not including sprint competitions)

Nor/Am Continental Cup Points (sprint competitions only)