2000 International Rollerski Series

Oops, we did it again. . .

Announcing the biggest event to hit Utah this summer (other than the Poison, Slaughter, Cinderella and Dokken concert, of course). . .

The Hype:
Well, I hope you got in a good winter of training and are just rounding into top racing form now. This is where the real action is. When the gloves come off and people lay it all on the line (unless you get blisters rollerskiing, then leave the gloves on). Yes, that's right, the IRS is back for another exciting season.

The IRS is the premier rollerski event in North America. Last year, we attracted premier skiers like Beckie Scott and Jesse Lassley. And this year, the list of potential entrants is even more impressive: Beckie Scott will probably be back, along with Justin Wadsworth. Erik Stange has signed on for a six-figure appearance fee. Martin Koukal of the Czech Republic has made a verbal agreement to attend. Ian Harvey has been a terror on the trails and roads this spring, just in preparation for these races. Andrew Johnson, Dave Chamberlain, Kris Freeman, Nathan Schultz and others will all be in town for the races. And of course, last year's top two: Cory Smith and Scott Loomis, will both be back.

Questions abound about what will happen this year. Will Beckie Scott and Cory Smith be able to defend their titles against stronger fields? Does Beckie even know or care that she has a title to defend? Will the chipwiches be back? Will Loomis and Smith be able to put aside the petty equipment sabotages that marred last year's series and just race? Will Dave Chamberlain bring the Norwegian women's team back from Norway with him? Will Andrew Johnson remember his Guns N' Roses t-shirt this time? got milk? Will TNN's RollerJam be back as a sponsor? How you gonna kick it?

The Results:
It's all over now. We had scandals, close races, and plenty more. Be sure to ready everything. Yes, everything. There will be a quiz in the morning. And don't worry, we are already planning next year's mayhem.