_______overall standings
__________as of August 11, 2001
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this is where it all starts. if you are already appalled, leave now. it only gets worse.
schedule & results
the really important details on each race, and plenty of less important details too.
who's winning, by how much and how we manipulated the results to get it that way.
our big time supporters who threw so much cash at us that we have to reuse last year's prizes.
This year, we will have three prizes.
-Overall Winner
-Outstanding Race Organizer (to get you to submit your races)
-A Random drawing of all IRS competitors (again to get you to submit your races)

Prizes have not yet been determined, but will be announced in advance. Prizes for each race are up to the discretion of the race organizer, but chipwiches are highly encouraged.

Points for this year's IRS series will be calculated as follows:
Each race will be scored using the Continental Cup scoring system, but with a twist. To determine a racer's points for each race, the IRS Imperial Senate will take the number of points a racer scores in that race, multiply it by the number of the month the race was held in (thus giving extra weight to races later in the series). This system rewards those skiers who are getting faster as the ski season gets closer. In addition, each race will be assigned a penalty between 0 and 1, to be determined by the Imperial Senate, based on the strength of the race field. The points for that race will then be multiplied by the penalty. For example a person who finished 2nd in a race in August with a penalty of 0.9 would get (25x8x0.9=180) 180 points. We will use a racer's best three races to calculate his points. IfWe will use a racer's best three races to calculate his points. If this confuses you, then you are not alone, but you are still an idiot. Thus confirming my theory that all people are idiots, but that's a story for a different day.

The following criteria will also be taken into account for the overall title:
We will count races up to a year previous, meaning that if you skied well in last year's series, you could win this year without racing at all.

Shorter races will be scored more generously, so if, for example, you are 10 seconds behind in a 3 minute race, this is better than being 60 seconds out in a 30 minute race.

We will only use your best three races, even if there happen to be 20 races over the course of the rollerski season. Consistency is to be frowned upon. We want people who can pop a race every couple months or so.

Disclaimer: Despite what it may sound like, the International Rollerski Series, xcskiracer.com, and all affiliated parties do not condone rollerskiing. It is a dangerous sport and not really that much fun. Do not try rollerskiing unless you are a cross country ski racer. By participating in any of these events, you accept full responsibility for your own masochistic actions and release the organizers of any liability. We are not responsible for any injuries (including, but not limited to, broken bones, head trauma, road rash, and delusions of Per Eloffson-like grandeur) resulting from your participating in the IRS. Always were a helmet and protective gear and don't fall. Did you just read all that to see if it is exactly the same on each page? Well, I guess it was worth your while. Nerd.