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Somewhere Between Obscurity and Oblivion

September 1, 2003
Since the spring, I have been trying to decide how to approach the ski season. Should I continue to train for fun and just see what happens, or should I start training seriously?

During the summer there was just too much fun stuff going on to train specifically. Who wants to go rollerskiing when you could otherwise enter an orienteering race, go hiking, or go sea kayaking? Not me.

But now that September has arrived, I can feel the race instincts kicking in. After twelve years of serious elite racing, the habit dies hard. I knew that I would not be happy back in the pack at local races. I don't need to be the fastest person out there, but I don't want to loose the feeling of confidence that comes from competing with the best.

So I made a decision. The ski training season starts on September 1st. I will be a 6-month skier, as opposed to my previous life as a 12 month skier. I dusted off the rollerskis and came up with a training plan. I don't plan on being in great shape by December, but I think that by March I can be competitive. My goal is to race well in the Tour of Anchorage in early March. And by 'do well' I mean ski with the leaders. Plenty of time to do that.

So today I started my training plan with a three hour run with Scott McArt near Symphony Lakes. The fall colors have started to come out and it was beautiful.

Check out the pictures from this run in the gallery.

September 24

I'll be honest with you. I have a great journal entry here about a close call on rollerskis. It had drama, it had suspense, it had action. Unfortunately it also had a short lifespan. Shortly after I wrote it, I inadvertently erased it and lost it forever. I will try to rewrite it soon, but things like that take time and effort and I am just too worn out from the first go-around to do it again right now.


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