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Somewhere Between Obscurity and Oblivion
Gallery Of Pictures

I figure that if a picture really is worth a thousand words, then I can stop writing about my adventures and just put up a few pictures.

Okay, maybe that won't fly, but a few visuals never hurt.

Check out some of my favorite photos from the past or look at some highlights from this year. Some of the photos are slideshows from my picture collection at

A word of warning, these pages could be VERY slow to load. Be patient.

Previous Pictures Du Jour Archive

Fall Foliage At Symphony Lakes - September 2003
Lost Lake Run Race - August 2003
Prince William Sound Kayaking Overnight - August 2003
Denali Highway Bike Trip - July 31-August 3, 2003
Mount Marathon Race, Seward, AK - July 4, 2003
Williwaw Lakes Run, Anchorage, AK - June 2003
Bird Ridge Hillclimb Race, Anchorage, AK - June 2003
Crow Pass Hike, Girdwood, AK - June 2003
White Rim 103 Mile bike ride, Moab Utah - May 2003
Appalachian Extreme Adventure Race - May 2003
Backpacking Through Resurrection Pass, Alaska - May 2003
NSAA Ski Train To Curry - March 2003

The Move from Utah to Alaska - October 2002
Northwest Road Trip to Oregon, Washington, BC, and Wyoming - July-August 2002
Road Trip through Nevada, California, and Utah - April - May, 2002

Tons Of Olympic Pictures - February, 2002 These are on

Pictures from Citizen's Series Race @ Soldier Hollow and General pictures of the venue - December 2001
A Scenic Run in Bryce Canyon National Park
- October, 2001

Grand Canyon Rim To Rim Run - October, 2001
Mountain Biking Trip To Moab, Utah - August, 2001
The Bike Ride Of Death - Utah - July, 2001
Bike Ride The Length Of Vermont - July, 2001
Weekend Getaway To Dartmouth College Grant, NH - June, 2001
Mountain Biking Trip To Fruita, Colorado - May, 2001
Camping In Sedona, Arizona - April
, 2001
My Brother and I Backcountry Skiing on Guardsman Pass - Park City, Utah
- April, 2001
2001 NCAA Championships: Men's 20K | Women's 15K

2001 - A few other shots from races.



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