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Somewhere Between Obscurity and Oblivion
  DISCLAIMER: This list might be extremely biased, ill-informed, and/or completely irrational. But it's more fun that way.

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March 20 , 2003
Top Search Terms On
Because it has been around for so long, this site gets quite a bit of traffic from search engines. I recently sat down and poured over the site logs to see what kind of things people were searching for when they visited my site. The results were quite funny

  1. Nordic Nudes - this was, by far the most popular search. Searches by people looking for the Canadian women's XC team's 2001 calendar took seven of the top 10 spots in the search rankings! They accounted for about 35% of all searches that ended up on this site. The people landing on my site should be thankful they did not find any nude pictures.
  2. IRS - A distant second with about 5% of the searches. Imagine people's confusion when they are looking for a 1040 Schedule A Form and they end up on a page talking about Chipwiches and rollerskis!
  3. Race Videos - About 3% of the searches. Dammit, if only we had sold Nordic Nude videos, we could have made a killing.
  4. Cory Smith - Yes, on my own website, I only account for 1% of searches, way behind the IRS and Naked women. I need a boost in the ratings. Maybe I should take off my clothes and offer tax advice.
  5. Rollerski - I feel bad for people looking for rollerski advice who end up reading about the International Rollerski Series. That can't be good for the sport.

A few more gems further down the list:
#10 How to organize a race
#11 Val Cartier - I hope people who are looking for #10 don't end up on #11! (that's my last dig on VC, I promise... for now)
#12 Tav Streit - Way to go Tav!
#16 2002 Olympics - this just in, Tav is more popular than the Olympics!
#25 Cross Country Skiing - my marketing must not be very well targeted if this one is this low.
#26 Lake Havasu Spring break pictures - sorry those pictures will never see the light of day.
And a few at the bottom of the list: 'celine dion payday', 'women with hairy stomachs' (I promise I did not make any of these up), 'vh1 greatest hair bands of alltime'

Feb 17, 2003
Top 5 Reasons Its OK To Have No Snow In Alaska In February

    Because I didn't buy studded tires for my truck like everyone else in town.

    Its the only time of year you can go running and not worry about confronting a bear.

    Because you know that it is going to snow in May.

    The days are getting longer, so we don't need the white snow to brighten up the dark winter days anymore.

    Because if we had snow, I'd never get any work done.

Feb 10, 2003
Top 5 Signs That My Website Has Been Neglected

      When I type "xcski" into my browser's address bar, the first site that pops up is, not

      Most of the links and images were broken, and no one even bothered to tell me.

      According to the site, it took me for months to travel to Alaska. What, was I walking the whole way?

      The Picture of the Day was of me kayaking. In May.

      I still had Nordic Equipment listed as a sponsor.

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