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Somewhere Between Obscurity and Oblivion
  DISCLAIMER: This list might be extremely biased, ill-informed, and/or completely irrational. But it's more fun that way.

April 19
My Favorite Rides In Moab

  1. Whichever one I get to do next.
  2. Gemini Bridges Not the point to point downhill cruise, but the loop that starts at the end of the trail and circles around Arths Pasture and the Rim Overlook.
  3. Porcupine Rim Trail A great technical test for an average rider.
  4. Monitor and Merrimac Plenty of slickrock to play on.
  5. La Sal Mountain Loop A great road ride with a killer climb.

April 12
The Best Lessons I Learned This Winter

  1. Hang on to the lead pack at all costs
  2. Be aggressive in sprint races - it's not illegal unless you get caught
  3. Always bring a raincoat to Rumford
  4. Always bring rock skis to Fairbanks in October
  5. Its a long drive from Park City to Sun Valley by yourself without a radio

April 5
What I Am Going To Do This Spring

  1. Find out exactly where I misplaced my social life. It's got to be around here somewhere. . .
  2. Go To Moab
  3. Go Crust Skiing
  4. Go To Moab Again
  5. Work To Pay Off All My Credit Card Bills

March 29
This week's list is a special edition. It has been expanded to 10 due to all the happenings this week. Additional contributor's to this list are Scott Loomis, Frosty Whitworth, Andrew Johnson, Erik Stange, and Chad Geise
The Best Story Lines of this year's Spring Series

  1. Jack Russell's performance at the Forester
  2. Rob Whitney's crash and burn
  3. Frosty's Sideburns
  4. Trond's driving skills
  5. Eli's stint as Jack Russell lead singer
  6. Chamberlain's dance performance
  7. Barbeques at the condo
  8. Swiss Rolls
  9. Klein's views on women
  10. All the other stories that certain people are praying don't make it out to the public. (You know who you are.)

March 22
The Best Things About Spring Series

  1. The laid-back atmosphere and social scene (read into that what you will)
  2. (I can't tell you this one without incriminating some people)
  3. The warm weather
  4. The NCAA Final Four on TV
  5. The short races

March 15
The Questions I Was Asked Most at Master's Nationals - and the responses

  1. What's the wax for tomorrow? Solda something or other
  2. Did you race today? No, I'm only 24. I'm not legal yet.
  3. Are those the new Atomic skis Yes
  4. How do you like them? They are the best thing to happen to my skiing career since James Bond week on TBS
  5. Do we have to watch EVERY SINGLE basketball game? Is a frog's butt water-tight?

March 8
The Best Albums of 1998

    Not exactly skiing related, but hey its my web site.
  1. Beastie Boys- Hello Nasty
  2. R.E.M.- Up
  3. Social Distortion- Live at the Roxy
  4. Metallica- Garage, Inc.
  5. Hole- Celebrity Skin


March 1
The Best Post-Race Parties

    Not that I've gone to any of these, but from what I've heard they were rages for the ages.
  1. Carnival Dates -1996 Dartmouth Carnival
    A red-hot date and more stories than I can attempt to remember.
  2. Carnival Dates - 1994 Dartmouth Carnival
    These events are so epic that you can only handle one every two years. Ask Colter about this one.
  3. 1995 NCAAs - Sugarloaf
    Most people went back to school early. Their loss. Brant and I threw a classic.
  4. 1993 Dartmouth Carnival
    Scandals galore.
  5. 1998 Nationals - Bend, OR
    Not necessarily a great party, but it got me out of my funk and I skied a good relay the next day. Do not try this at home. I am a trained professional.

February 22 The Worst Races Of My Life

    I've had plenty of bad ones, but these top the list. And no, I'm not going to tell you my finish places.
  1. 1998 Nationals 30K Freestyle - Bend, OR
    I had been sick all weeek and probably should have dropped out of this one, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. If you really want to know how bad it was, ask Pat Cote or Jesse Brettingen. They were in pain just watching me.
  2. 1996 NCAA Championships 10K Skate - Bozeman, MT
    I have never had high altitude hurt like it did that day.
  3. 1997 10K Classic - Fairbanks, AK
    Threw my back out on the first uphill and had to walk the rest of the way. But I finished.
  4. 1995 Middlebury Carnival 10K Skate
    Very warm and very slow. Very bad for me. One of only two EISA races from my sophomore year on that I finished out of the top ten.
  5. 1996 Williams Carnival 15K Skate
    The other time.

February 15 What I like to eat before a marathon race

    The most important thing to remember here is the saying, "You aren't a real man unless you can eat a full meal on a full stomach."
  1. Anything and everything
    While the foods below are best, I'll eat anything I can get my hands on.
  2. Oatmeal
    Having a Norwegian coach, I get plenty of reminders on the miracles of oatmeal. It's not jut for breakfast, its a perfect bedtime snack to top off the tank.
  3. Pasta
  4. Champion Nutrition's Metabolol Endurance
    A shake-type liquid food. It's good when you can't eat another bite. It also has vitamins and minerals that carbos lack.
  5. Bananas
    If Bjorn Daehlie eats one 45 minutes before each race, shouldn't you?

February 8 - A couple weeks ago, the Salt Lake Tribune ran an article announcing that the U.S. Ski Team had selected the team to compete at the 1999 World Championships in Austria. According to the article, selected to represent their country were Marcus Nash, Justin Wadsworth, John Bauer, Robert Whitney, and Doug Wadsworth. Since then, rumors have been swirling in the xc ski world. Who is this Doug Wadsworth and what has he done with Pat Weaver? The following theories are currently being investigated.
Theories on Who Is Doug Wadsworth?

  1. Doug is the next Norwegian superstar. He and Justin Wadsworth were paid a large sum of money by a third party to unite in a same-sex marriage, thus allowing Doug to ski for the United States and bring us our first medal since Bill Koch. Justin's pay was reportedly in the seven-figure range to get him to lend his name to this farce.
  2. He is a top secret genetic experiment conducted by the University of Minnesota. The goal of the project was to create the perfect skier specimen. Though only the first generation of this project, Doug looks promising.
  3. He is a 11 year old promising Bill Koch League skier. With the success that junior Rob Whitney is enjoying, it is only natural to allow other promising juniors such as Doug to gain international experience.
  4. Doug is a 52 year old Master Skier from Wisconsin who bought his way onto the team by donating airline tickets, Super Bowl tickets, college scholarships,and expensive jewelry to the selection commitee. Apparently the Ski Team has figured out that, as the Olympics have shown, the best way to get the press to take notice is to create a bribery scandal. The press could care less about that athletic competition stuff, it doesn't sell papers.
  5. Doug Wadsworth is the pen name of that dude who wrote the article in the most recent Outside magazine about training as an elite skier for a year. It wasn't enough that Outside would rather pay a pseudo-racer to ski, than sponsor one of the many needy real racers to do the same. So to add insult to injury, its only right that we name him to the National Team rather than real skiers who have worked their whole life for just a fleeting moment of glory. While the article was entertaining, it is not possible to fully immerse yourself in the ski culture while travelling on an Outside expense account.

February 1 The Best Innovations In X-C Skiing In The Past Few Years
Note: Any correlation between the products listed here and my sponsors is purely coincidental. Yeah. right.

  1. Yoko Windstopper Glove
    An expensive glove, yes, but for someone who usually gets cold fingers it is worth its weight in gold.
  2. Exel QLS Grip
    Again very expensive, but after trying them on in the store, you'll be ready to mortgage the house for them.
  3. Atomic's Beta Ski
    I could tell you more, but then I'd have to kill you.
  4. Fischer's new ski
    I haven't tried this one, but the theory is similar to the Atomic, thus it makes the list on Atomic's coattails. Plus, Bjorn likes it.
  5. Salomon Pilot System
    I didn't really notice a difference until I warmed up on the new system and then switched to skis with Profil bindings for the race. I almost fell on my face because of the difference.

January 25 The Worst Television Programs I Watched While At Nationals

  1. MTV's Varsity Blues World Premiere Party
  2. World's Strongest Man Competition - ESPN
  3. Behind The Music with Def Leppard - VH1
  4. The Local Weather Forecasts (rain, rain, and more rain)
  5. 11 Straight Hours of Rock N' Roll Jeopardy - VH1

January 18 The Best Songs To Listen To Before A Race

  1. "Star Wars Theme"
  2. "Hero Of The Day" - Metallica
  3. Anything Else By Metallica
  4. "Locomotive" - Guns N' Roses
  5. "Lithium" - Nirvana

January 11 My Favorite Places to Ski

  1. Mt. St. Anne, Quebec
    The combination of trails, snow, and Chalet Montmorency can't be beat.
  2. Mt. Van Hovenberg - Lake Placid, NY
    The best race courses in the country and the Olympic Training Center.
  3. Waterville Valley, NH
    I never get tired of it.
  4. Royal Gorge, CA
    So much to ski, so little time.
  5. The Balsams, NH
    Any place that puts its touring center in the lobby of a 5-Star hotel has to make the list.

    Honorable Mention: Jackson, NH; Kincaid Park, AK; Trapp Family Lodge - Stowe, VT; Sun Valley, ID

© 2003 Cory Smith. All Rights Reserved.