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Somewhere Between Obscurity and Oblivion
  Gear Sale!

If you see something you want to buy or have a question about it, email me.

Special deals available for junior skiers and teams. Don't agree with the price? Make an offer!

Payment by PayPal or check. If you are not satisfied with the condition of the gear, you can send it back within a week for a full refund (minus shipping charges). I've sold lots of used gear over the years on this website, and have never had anyone return anything.

Skis | Rollerskis


All skis have been sold.


Rollerski disclaimer: All rollerskis were used for multiple seasons. (I count one rollerski season as six months - May to October). I have done my best to provide an honest and accurate assesment of each pair of rollerskis. I am selling them "as is", and make no claim to their safety. If you buy these skis, you agree that I am not liable for anything that may happen as a result of your use of these rollerskis. Rollerskiing is a potentially dangerous activity, and it is up to you to make sure the gear you use is safe.

Pro-Ski S2 Skate Rollerski

These are fast skate skis with hard wheels. They are designed for doing workouts on smooth pavement. Would make a great second pair for time-trials and intervals, or for everyday use if you have smooth pavement. They were used once a week for two seasons. They are in good condition. The rear wheels are new (used twice) and the front wheels have lots of life left in them. The shafts have only a few pavement scrapes. Mounted with Salomon Pilot Skate bindings. Click images for larger view.

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