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Somewhere Between Obscurity and Oblivion

Cross Pass Hike
June 6 & 7, 2003

This was a short little getaway to the Crow Pass cabin above Girdwood. The hike up to the pass was not nearly as long or as tough as we thought it might be, and we hadn't planned on hiking very far beyond the pass, so it ended up being a pretty quick and easy trip, but still fun. There was no stove in the cabin, which made it a bit chilly during the night.

Hiking up the trail - before the rain and snow started. The rest of the hike up was wet, cold, and snowy so I didn't take anymore pictures.

Our home for the night - the Crow Pass Cabin (building with green roof). Still in the snow on June 6. The outhouse (foreground) was almost completely buried, but a path had been shoveled out on the other side.

Hiking across Crow Pass

View at Crow Pass

There was a sled at the cabin, so I couldn't resist.

Hiking back out.


Since we finished the hike much earlier than we expected, we took a scenic detour to Whittier (on Prince William Sound) on our way home.


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