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Somewhere Between Obscurity and Oblivion

Mount Marathon 2003

The main event of our Fourth of July trip to Seward was the Mount Marathon race. It is definitely the most insane race I have ever seen. I hope I get to do it next year, if I can get in via the entry lottery. I tried to get in this year, but was not one of the lucky ones. Here are some pictures.

Mount Marathon. The race trail starts at in the lower left corner of the picture and heads straight for the top along the little ridge line you can see. Where the trail splits (2/3 of the way up), you go left (straight up) on the way up and come down on the trail to the right. 3000 feet total, straight up, straight down.
Women's race start.
Nina Kemppel (women's winner) after coming down the mountain. Most don't look as clean as she did after enduring the climb and descent.
View of Seward from halfway up the mountain.
The men's race heads up the mountain.
Men's winner Todd Boonstra makes his way up the mountain
The pack creeps towards the top
A few racers near the top
View from the top of Mount Marathon
Frode Lillefjell in the lead on the descent
A couple of racers pick up steam
Me, practicing for next year!

© 2003 Cory Smith. All Rights Reserved.